You may have an impressive design for your new home or business, but your careful planning will be all for naught if you didn't take the electrical system into account. SES Electric, Inc. works with general contractors and homeowners to provide top-notch new construction electric installation services in the Friendswood, Texas area.

We'll discuss your layout to design and install the right capacity electrical system for your property. Hire us for convenient new construction electric installation in the Friendswood, Texas area.

Contact us today to schedule your job in Clear Lake City, League City, Pearland, Pasadena, Alvin or the Sagemont area.

We'll keep your remodeled property up to code

SES Electric can redo your electrical system if you're remodeling your home or public facility. We'll rewire your entire property to make sure your electrical system can support all new features. By hiring our technicians to remodel your electrical system, you can:

Keep your building up to code

Save time, money and energy

Rest easy knowing your job will be completed efficiently and safely

You'll be enjoying your newly remodeled space sooner than you might expect. Call 281-484-8542 now to get a free estimate on your electrical remodeling job in Friendswood, Texas or the surrounding area.